Angelo Lascelles


Passionate about his craft and versatile in playing various characters is what actor Angelo Lascelles will probably say if you ask him to describe himself in the world of theatre.

Angelo loves Theatre Arts and during his short career which started in 2006, he has used his knowledge for the purpose of customer service training, public service announcements, health campaigns and teaching. 

He loves everything about theatre: being on stage, the sets, the lights, the interaction among the cast, and the audiences. How actors and actresses are able to get into character, transform into other people and really get into their roles and explore different lifestyles are also up there among his favourite things.

It is a skill that must be mastered especially for productions such as Laff-It-Off during which the cast has to move quickly from sketch to sketch as they play multiple characters.

Angelo views acting as a very good stress reliever and noted that it “does not matter what’s going on in your life when you go into that rehearsal space. For me personally, and I’ve heard cast members say, that you pretty much forget everything in your life for those moments when you are rehearsing and performing.”

After joining the cast in 2016, he will long be remembered for playing television talk show host Wendy Williams that left the large audiences in stitches night after night last year.

“When I got the call to be part of Laff-it-Off, I pretty much jumped at the opportunity largely because I had known about Laff-it-Off, I had seen Laff-it-Off, I had become entertained and excited by it as a medium that is very current. Even the aspect of it where it is between one show and the next there is something that changes nationally, it is incorporated into the performance. 

“It has remained relevant over so many years. I was very eager to be a part of something that has been longstanding, something that has, and I dare say a staple, in Barbadian society for all of these years,” Angelo said.

He also wants to be directing and producing in the future and intends to make the transition from performing to directing and producing. 

Angelo’s love for theatre came while attending The Lester Vaughan School. He was one of the first Theatre Arts when he started in Fourth Form. From there he enrolled in the Barbados Community College’s Theatre Arts programme and has been performing ever since.

Determined to take risks to achieve his goals, he has performed in No Country for a White Hero (2014), How Hard the Times (2014), Back from the Past (2015), Angel in White (2015), A Caribbean Dream (2015), Sounds of Resistance: Echoes of Change (2015), Simba’s Pride (2015), From Bussa to Barrow and Beyond (2016), Mirror, Mirror Show Me A Hero (2016) and What’s Good for the Goose…, the 2018 Crop Over Evening of Folk production.  

While he intends to stay with Laff-it-Off for as long as possible, he will focus on film and theatre as he wants to build a career out of the performing arts.