Shakayra Moore
Stage Crew


This is Shakayra Moore’s third year working with Laff-it-Off and she has no regrets.

She got involved through Stage Manager, Shakera Williams, but she has always wanted to work with the longest running consecutive theatrical production in Barbados.

“I have looked forward to working with Laff-it-Off from the time I first saw it. I actually wanted to be an actress in Laff-it-Off because I thought it was very funny,” she said giggling. “I don’t believe that Barbados has that many internationally well-known skits or theatre productions that are completely Barbadian-bred so when I saw Laff-it-Off, I was just so amazed and dazzled by it and all the aspects - where it came from, where it started and where it’s going. I just wanted to be a part of that.

 “I assist Shakera with stage management. I feel that I want to be on stage further on in the future. I am fully enjoying it and the cast and crew are just amazing, ridiculously amazing! I fit in and became the baby of the group.”

Shakayra was involved with the Mustardseed Kids programme, did Theatre Arts while attending Springer Memorial School and then studied it at the Barbados Community College.

She later interned at the National Cultural Foundation during the Crop Over festival and the Frank Collymore Hall with its technical team.

It was at the BCC that she discovered the technical aspects of theatre.

“I was trained first as an actress so, yes, I am interested in acting; but I really like the technical aspect of it more than the acting, although I love both. Technical is more … I can excel at the technical.

“I normally volunteer when I hear of any productions/events, just to get out there. I do stage management, putting together the props but I mostly focus on stage management and the lighting aspects of it. I dabble a little bit in the costume areas but mostly stage management and lighting.”

Shakayra intends to be involved in theatre for a long time so she will continue to work hard and stay focused.