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Fabian Williams
Stage Crew


When the door to the magical, wonderful world of theatre was opened to Fabian Williams, he willingly stepped through.

He has no regrets about that decision and thanks to Laff-it-Off’s Stage Manager Shakera Williams who asked him to work with her on another production years ago his love has blossomed.

At that point Fabian who is a member of the backstage crew, had never been involved in any theatrical production before and working with her showed him what exists on the stage and behind it.

“When she called me after that to work with Laff-it-Off, I was eager to go,” he said. Now, four years on, he waits eagerly for the call informing him that rehearsals for the annual production are starting “because I really like that environment”.

A carpenter and mason by profession, Fabian assists where needed. As he explained, if something needs repairing he fixes it and if the stage manager wants him to do anything, regardless of what it is, he will. 

“I work mostly backstage doing mostly everything that needs to be done. I also work with props, interact with the actors and change the sets. I like to see how the show comes together and how everyone gets it pulled off on opening night and each night. If there is one thing I like it’s how everything goes right,” he said. 

“I have also assisted Shakera on another show, but I never thought I would be involved in theatre. So, this is an experience that I gladly embrace,” he said.

Fabian likes all the members of the cast and noted each one is unique He would like to work with Laff-it-Off for as long as possible.

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