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Asha Elcock

Asha Elcock, soon to be a household name, is a well- rounded individual with the

plan of dominating her field, and creating change locally, regionally and

internationally. She is an actor, project manager, creative director, writer, an artist in the works. No stranger to the stage, this dynamic multitalented soul got her start after she started dancing at the age for five, with Praise Academy, and was in their award-

winning production, “Speak Life”. It was apparent that her talent was for the

performing arts. She then transitioned into theatre at the age of 15, when she took

part in the EBCCI Summer Progamme. In 2014, she recognized that her passion

was for theatre, and her next step was to gain as much knowledge about the craft as

she could. With that in mind, she entered the Barbados Community College (BCC)

doing the Theatre Arts programme. There she was tutored by Dr Yvonne Weekes,

Michelle Hinkson- Cox, Luci Hammans, Sonia Williams and other outstanding

theatre practitioners.


She has appeared in a number of stage plays such as BCC Theatre Portfolio,

‘Angels in White ,’ National Cultural Foundation (NCF) Readings, “ The Mad Bull’,

‘Outta School Rules’‘ Tales of an Obeah Man’ also. She also took part in a short

play, directed by Renelde Headley, ‘Grimm Therapy,’. She is influenced by the acting

styles of Stanislavsky, Sonia Williams, and Grotowski, as they focus on emotional

growth as an actor, the body of an actor, the voice of an actor, and the

authenticity of the character. Additionally , she has worked in film projects, with Blue water Productions, Carlos Barrow, and Pelle Hybinette, continuously learning and expanding her horizons as an actor. As time passed, she also became fascinated with directing and stage management.One of her goals is to be a well-rounded actor, and have the ability to  work and excel in any aspect of production, from costume to stage manager. She worked as part of the stage management crew with productions such as ‘From Bussa to Barrow,’ (stage managed by Afi Farrell) and ‘Love Poetry and Song’ (stage managed by Renelde Headley and Shakayra Moore), and the ‘Heriatge Bus Tour’ with Nancii Yearwood as the Production Manager. There, the understanding of time management, and organization was enforced. Soon after completion of Associate Degree she  became a part of the Mustardseed Production family, which is managed by principal, and managing director Varia, Williams, where her gift has flourished more, and she has learnt under each member who has contributed to the theatre community. Asha is the assistant Director to the Youth Theatre Ensemble class and is also assistant tutor to the younger classes. Following that she became artistic director for “Youth on Stage” where the students brought to life Griot’s Island written by Asha herself.


Not too long after, she was personal drama tutor to Sheena Rose, a contemporary

Caribbean artist that has performed and exhibited locally, and internationally. Every

experience she has, she collects knowledge, to further herself as an individual, and as an artist. Another memorable moment in her journey was joining the Laff-it-off family, and  performing with them on the Barbados on the Water Festival in Toronto, Canada, and on the home stage, Lord Erskine Sandiford Centre.  Soon, another memorable moment in her  career occured, she played Andrea Gollop Greenidge, in “NIFCA Performing Arts Tributes” honouring Andrea Gollop Greenidge, directed by Sonia Williams. This is a woman on a mission. In means of broadening her horizons She is currently a student at the Barbados Community College pursuing her Bachelors in Arts and Entertainment Management. She has found a passion for managing projects, and ensuring the process is as smooth as can be. It was no surprise that she became the Team Student Director, for the Student Leadership team from 2020-2021. Her objective is to make sure her business side is as up- to- date , creative and vibrant, as her creative side. She is well on the way to that as she was recently the Digital Artwalk Coordinator for season 24, “World Africa Day”


Asha takes much pride in her work. Persistent and Passionate, she is definitely one

to look out for, one to never underestimate, and one to expect the unexpected.

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