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Corey Reid
Video Operator


Video operator Corey Reid has been with Laff-it-Off for four years now. 

Although you don’t see him, his contribution to the show must be underscored. He is the person who makes sure the recorded clips in between each skit are cued and ready to play. 

Most patrons probably don’t think about the recorded clips, but over the years their inclusion has enhanced the show and keep people laughing while the cast is preparing for the next act.

Corey gets equally excited as the cast when it is time for the production to start. He attends rehearsals to see how the show is running and to determine the best time to insert the video feeds.

“I look forward to being a part of Laff-it-Off and from November, I’m waiting for a call from them saying that rehearsals are starting. …I like being a part of something big, something great, and knowing that I have a major part in the running of the show. I looked forward to being a part of the show for a long time,” said the member of the technical crew.

He is grateful to Director Cecily Spencer-Cross for getting him involved. He had responded to a question she threw out at the end of a class at the Barbados Community College she was teaching at the time, for “someone to do some computer work”. 

Despite the fact that his background is more with computers than videography, Corey said that getting into the area and the particular role he has, was not hard.

“I’m there to make sure the videos run smoothly. Even before the show starts, I have to make sure that the audio on them is loud enough and that the projector is angled properly. The first year that I started, a lot of people were saying that they couldn’t see from where they were sitting at the back. So, I proposed an idea, so they could see.

“Every time I go in, I make sure the videos are running and that nothing went wrong with them. During the show it’s pretty much cueing up the video and running them at the correct times” he said.

Corey loves being a member of the crew and he has “no complaints”.

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