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Judy Belle
Production Assistant


It is hard to imagine a Laff-it-Off production without the always pleasant Judy Belle.


A hard worker and a stickler for detail, since 2011 Judy has responsibility for the Front of House Operations in addition to her duties as Production Assistant, which she started since 1991. 

On the administrative side of the production, she works assiduously to ensure that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed so the show runs smoothly.

Despite her preference for the administrative side of theatre, her love for the art form hasn’t diminished one iota over the years and she is just as excited as the cast when production starts. 

Even though you probably won’t see her on the Laff-it-Off stage in a more than a cameo appearance, she has acted in other productions through the years starting from her Sunday School days. 

She continued when she was a member of the Green Room Players’ workshop in 1991 when she played the role of Mrs. Gill in Wedding Blues. She has also appeared in several productions by the social club of ScotiaBank where she worked. 


Judy has been the Front of House Assistant for Bajan Bus-Stop, Green Room Players, Pampalam and WWB Productions and managed Front of House operations for the eighth Caribbean Secondary Schools Drama Festival held in Barbados in 2013. 


She also worked as Production Assistant in the Class Kaiso & Comedy Tent (1999 and 2000); in the All Stars Calypso Tent (2001 to 2003); in the film Secrets III produced by Cross Caribbean Productions for the Ministry of Tourism; and with Laff Out Loud Caribbean, staged by Laff-it-Off Productions Inc.


Judy believes that present venue of Laff-it-Off, provides greater possibilities for the company to expand its offerings. Additionally, it allows the cast to extend their art to give the public top entertainment and to ensure there will always be successful shows. 


Over the years, Judy has travelled to New York, Boston, Toronto, London, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Lucia, and Fort Lauderdale where Laff-it-Off were held.

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