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Lowrey Worrell - 2024_edited.jpg
Lowrey Worrell
Musical Director

Lowrey Leon (as he prefers to be called) is also a solo artist, keyboardist, bassist, drummer, mixing and mastering engineer, and producer with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Entertainment Management.  He is also the owner of the music production company Mousike.

He has worked and performed with artists such as Yolanda Brown & John Lodge (UK), Michele Henderson (Dominica) David Rudder, Baron and the late Black Stalin (T&T), Lt. Stitchie, Junior Tucker (Jamaica), and RPB, Alison Hinds, Andre Woodvine and Mikey (Barbados).  He has also performed at several music and arts festivals within the Caribbean region and Internationally.

Lowrey’s most recent project was the formation of the Barbados National Youth Steel Orchestra of which he is the Director. He is also the Musical Director of Black Banana and The Project band, the Aja Band and is a current member of the Troubadours International.

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