Lowrey Worrell
Musical Director


Music in an integral part of theatrical production and Laff-it-Off’ is no different.

Although he is not seen by the audience who attend the show each night, Musical Director Lowrey Leon Worrell adds his special touch to the songs you may find yourself humming as you’re heading home.

A music teacher, he has been playing the piano and drums since he was six years old. He has playing on recordings and producing music since 2000, as well as tutoring as a drumming instructor.

Lowrey Leon, as he prefers to be called, graduated from the Barbados Community College in 2003 with an Associate Degree in Music and is presently teaching music at the Christ Church Foundation School. He is also involved in the Barbados Community College’s music programme. 

At both institutions he helps young people develop their talent or recognize it. Indeed, Dario Walrond who was among the cast of Size Roun’ credits him for helping him recognize his love for music.

In December 2013, the talented musician released his debut solo album entitled I Am Barbados but before that was a member of the local group, C4 which released an album Take Five. This took them to their first international performance at the Delaware Pan Festival in 2010. 

He has also performed at many shows in Barbados and some international music festivals including the World Tourism Awards and the Ottawa Blues Festival. 

Lowrey Leon has performed with several recording artistes including John Lodge from the Moody Blues, Andre Woodvine, Hal Linton, Livvy Franc, Rosemary Philips, Marisa Lindsay, Michael Mikey Mercer, Grynner and cultural ambassador Anthony Gabby Carter and in December 2016, his quartet played at Classical Pops at Apes Hill.

Before being appointed the Musical Director and keyboardist in 2013, Lowrey Leon filled in for short periods.