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Lowrey Worrell
Musical Director


Bio Worrell– Lowrey 

Lowrey Leon Worrell is a solo artist, keyboardist, bassist, drummer, mixing and mastering engineer and producer with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts and Entertainment Management.

He has worked and performed with artistes such as Yolanda Brown & John Lodge (UK), Michele Henderson (Dominica) RPB, Alison Hinds, Andre Woodvine, & Mikey (Barbados), David Rudder (Trinidad & Tobago) and Lt. Stitchie & Junior Tucker (Jamaica). 

Lowrey Leon is currently the Musical Director of Black Banana, The Aja band and, of course, Laff-it-Off.  He is also a member of Troubadours International. His recent performances include the St. Lucia Jazz Festival, Classical Pops, Beguine Jazz Festival and the Chinese Fish and Dragon Festival. He has released two albums to date and is also the owner of the music production company Mousike.

Before being appointed the Musical Director and keyboardist of Laff-it-Off in 2013, Lowrey Leon filled in for short periods.  

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