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Shakera Williams
Stage Manager


To Shakera Williams, being the Stage Manager for Barbados longest consecutive running show, Laff-it-Off, is serious business.

Holding steadfast to “pray, work, think, and believe” or as she calls her four keys to success, she remains committed to transforming the lives of those she encounters by using her experiences as a stepping stone. 

Living by the creed “The secret of success in life is for a person to be ready for their opportunity when it comes”, the stage manager has been credited with getting other members of the technical crew involved in Laff-it-Off over the years. 

She likes working on the technical aspect of theatre. She prefers to work away from the glare of the audience and the spotlights. Being on stage is simply not a highlight for her.

Although the audiences may never see her as they enter the venue, her role in the Laff-it-Off productions is essential to not only the efficiency of each show but to the success of each season right alongside the director.

“I’m not one to be seen in the spotlight I like being in the back making sure things go smoothly and I am happy with that. Stage management is ensuring that everything goes smoothly - lights, sound, video and props - to ensure that every aspect of production pertaining to the stage goes as it should,” she stated.

In case you’re wondering, once the director brings the show to opening night, his/her responsibility ends and the stage manager is totally responsible for the running of the show.

Shakera has performed interesting roles while studying at the Barbados Community College where she did her Associate Degree in Theatre Arts. 

She performed in the production, Once Upon a Time: An Exploration of Caribbean Cultural Forms in the role of a mother and as a teenage schoolgirl in the play The Ritual, both directed by Yvonne Weekes. She was also a part of the cast for a procession called Odale's Choice which was directed by Sonia Williams; participated in a 10-minute drama which was launched at an international conference in Belize on behalf of the Barbados Family Planning Association. 

She has worked on other productions including the Central Bank of Barbados Sports & Cultural Club’s play, School’s Out -The Play and Ursuline Convent School’s Pantomime, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She also assisted with event management for the Bliss summer event. 

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