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Kiara Smith

Kiara Smith is a young and upcoming actress with a passion for acting, entertainment and corporate communications. Her journey started in her infancy where she took to the stage whilst at every level of school, performing in several productions such as Once Upon a Christmas, the Magical Storybook, and the UNICEF production on child abuse. She played the role of “Cara” in the anti-bullying movie “Chrissy” which culminated in her being a part of the inaugural group that attended and experienced the premiere of the movie in New York City. 

In 2018, Kiara received the lead role in Trip in The Gap Theatre’s production On the Block, written by Glenville Lovell. This was followed by her role in Who Djablesse by Luci Hammans in the same year. She also performed in several signature shows such as The Crucible, Moon on a Rainbow Shawl, and Enchanted Tales. 

Kiara’s passion for the Performing Arts steered her towards the Barbados Community College (BCC), from where she graduated with an associate degree in Theatre Arts. She has also added a baccalaureate degree in Media and Journalism with honours from the BCC to her portfolio and intends to continually develop and enhance her skills and talents as she aspires towards the world stage. 

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