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Kyle Cozier

Kyle kyKycc Cozier is the youngest member of the Laff-it-Off cast. 

“Last year was memorable and I hope to make more memories,” he said when asked how his first year was.

You see, when he got an opportunity to be a part of the 2018 production titled Size Roun’,he grabbed it even though he was “surprised” and “amazed” he was asked because before appearing in what was his first major “show time performance”, he had not done what he considered to be a lot.

Kyle performed with Carl AlffPadmore in Alffing Around to the Maxposted on YouTube, appeared in one or two speech day productions and other events at this alma mater The St Michael School, performed with Gentle Steps Arts Academy and was an MC for the Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch. 

A final year Barbados Community College Psychology major, he doesn’t consider himself a comedian but a performer who loves to see people smiling.

His hope is to be a full-time actor and to one day catch a big break landing a role in a Hollywood block buster movie. His plan though is to study Psychology so he could earn a living in the event he doesn’t realise that goal.

He has also found a way to incorporate the two fields.

“Psychology is very, very nice. This is one of the only subjects that I’ve done in my life where I’m actually happy to come home and write over notes. It is very pleasing to me. Initially, I wanted to do Psychology, but I was to young [At BCC you must be 18 to enrol in Psychology] so I said I’ll just go do my original dream of performing so that’s why I joined Theatre Arts.

“In doing that I realised that I love seeing smiles. You know how everybody has that one thing in their life that brings them good energy? A smile on someone’s face to me is perfect but I realised that even though I was getting the smiles it wasn’t enough, And, although I could be impactful on people and send a great message, I still wouldn’t be able to go in depth in knowing about their lives and what is truly making them sad, or what is making them to me for help.

“That’s why I wanted to do Psychology so I could get a better understanding and a better feel of not only people, but everything around me in general,” he said. 

When it comes to theatre and performing, Kyle loves and is “amazed” when people listen to him as he sends a message, and the fact that they “want to be integrated with it in some form or fashion”.

“I guess all actors love having attention … even though we don’t want to admit it. I love that!” he added.

While his love for performing started after watching a Spiderman movie when he was a boy and shooting imaginary webs., it was being a part of his secondary school drama group which allowed him to “further his passion”.  He thanks Miss Haynes, his English Literature teacher, who helped him realise his potential.

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